Thistle Assistance:
Your Travel Companion

Illustration of the Thistle Card alongside a smartphone when using the Thistle app

How Thistle Assistance works

We all welcome a little extra assistance now and again, particularly when travelling alone. Thistle Assistance is an initiative to help you feel safer and more comfortable when using public transport.

You may prefer more time to get to your seat. You may like your driver to speak more slowly and clearly. Thistle Assistance’s card and app let transport staff know in an easy and subtle way what extra support you’d like.

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Where you can use it

The Thistle Assistance card and app are recognised by many public transport operators across Scotland, from buses and trains to planes and ferries. Simply show your personalised card or app to their staff and they will understand what additional assistance you require.

Illustration of a hand holding up the Thistle Card

Card and app benefits

The Thistle Assistance card and app are free to use for anyone who needs it. Use the card for one journey or purpose, or use it every day: it’s adaptable and disposable.

The card and app symbols and instructions encompass a range of disabilities and impairments. They are also useful during pregnancy, or if you have temporary mobility issues, when some extra thought and care are appreciated.

Introductory Video

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