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We’ve compiled a selection of answers to some common questions about Thistle Assistance.

If you’re not sure exactly how it works, or even if it’s right for you, please read on. You may know someone who would benefit from the Thistle Assistance card or app. The information below should help you explain the benefits of using the card or app.

Do you offer advice about face coverings?

Yes, we provide some simple guidelines over at our travel safety page.

Does it cost anything?

The Thistle Assistance card and app are free to collect/download and free to use. The card can also be sent directly to your door at no additional cost.

Does the Thistle Assistance Card and App give me a discount when travelling?

No it does not. More information about concessionary travel in Scotland can be found here: https://www.entitlementcard.org.uk/

Where can I get the card?

The card is available from a range of public authorities and transport providers, please contact your local Regional Transport Partnership to find out about availability in your area. More details at the Get a Card page.

Can my organisation use the card?

We are happy for Transport Companies and Community Organisations to use the card for helping members of the public and are happy to discuss sharing the design files so that you can design and print bespoke versions. Please get in touch.

How do I find information about planning my journey?

Please visit our friends at TravelLine Scotland.

Can I download and print Thistle Assistance promotional material and logos?

Yes you can! Please see our available promotional material download links here.

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